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An overview

Our fields of expertise

Digitial communications

Our communications services help to build the digital identity of your business. How is your business perceived in the digital world? What are your chances for digitalization and what is the right strategy to pursue them?


Our development services are all about the right digital technology for your business. From all possibilities available, we select the right measures and design and develop the perfect solution so that you reach your digital goals.


Digitial communications

Communication Concepts

You want to internact with your clients, employees or business partners in a state-of-the-art fashion? Together, we find the right communication concepts and digital media channels to meet your communcation goals.


You are planning big and want to see your business uitilizing digitalization? We guide you along all stages of your digital journey with a business strategy for the next year, 2 years and/or 5 years.


A strong brand has a positive effect on your clients, employees, future employees and more. With appealing websites, online shops, apps or online marketing we make sure that you have a powerful brand in both, the offline and online world!

Mobile Marketing

These days, more then 50% of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. A mobile strategy ensures that no one is left out by making your company visible to all the right audiences.


How about running a digital store? Nowadays, selling your services and goods offline and online is crucial but in the future, your online store might even become the most important distribution channel. With our know-how we get your business online.

Classes & Workshops

No need to be scared of digitalization! With a minimal time investment we prepare you and your team for today’s digital world. In addition to courses on general digital topics and trends we also offer instructions on the usage and maintanence of specific platforms.

Digital Intelligence

In order to achieve the most, digital solutions better be ‘smart’. We equip your business with intelligent statistics, research and analytics software so that you are always ahead of the game.



We develop beautiful iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets: push notifications, navigation, geo tracking, streaming, VR, AR and all the other great things that apps make possible.


Website, webapp, PWA, web platform, landing page, booking system, CMS, dashboard or whatever you are looking for. If it runs in the browser, we build it.


Every digital product works with data. The Cloud is the home for your data. Always in sync and accessible from everywhere. Fast and scalable.

Online Shops

Sell your products to the world with your own fast and beautiful web shop. Manage all items and orders through your online dashboard.


Increase traction and sales on your website. Optimize your website for Google and other search engines (SEO) and use search engine advertisement (SEA) to boost your search ranking.


We apply state-of-the-art security standards and help you to protect your data. Even if worst comes to worst, our automated backups ensure data recovery.

Data Analytics

Gain insights on your data that will help you to make the right decisions. For instance, analyze user behavior or view statistics. We develop the tools to turn a flood of data into useful information.

Our products

In addition to our individual services, we also offer pre-developed products that can be tailored exactly to you needs:

SmartBusiness App

Grow your business with mobile engagement! SmartBusiness is the new innovative app builder. Create your own business app and and manage all its content online. Simple, powerful and cost-efficient.

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UniversitySports App

Connect to your students. Inform about courses, schedules, news, cancellations and more. Push notifications, map navigation and booking of courses directly through the app are just some of the fully-customizable features.

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