Online shop and website for premium coffee roastery

Like Coffee Roastery

State-of-the-art online shop & website for premium coffee roastery

Background & goals

The LiKe roastery of Markus Ratajczak and Philipp Nowak has been producing the highest quality coffee and espresso in the Brunswick region passionately for several years. They continuously developed new coffee specialties for all coffee lovers between “Harz” and “Heide”, a region in the heart of Germany. Word of the excellent quality of the coffees & espressos spread quickly and more and more store owners and supermarkets included LiKe coffee in their premium range. Recently, the coffee roasting company took the next step and adopted a new, much more modern look. The creation of the digital LiKe world was the logical next step that the roastery took together with us at Mobil Macher.

There were a few challenges to overcome: First and foremost, interested parties should be able to get to know the brand better in order to see what makes LiKe coffee special. In addition to the versatile products, these are the social commitment of the owners and the extremely sustainable production of the coffees with very short transport routes from the roaster to the customers in the region. In order for Frahling lovers to find the quickest way to coffee enjoyment, the way there should be made as easy as possible for them. And last but not least, it should also be possible to purchase the coffees and espressos online.

We are extremely proud of our new online presence. It exceeded all our expectations and the collaboration was superb.

Markus Ratajczak

Roaster & Owner of LiKe Roestery

Our “Mobil-Macher”-solution

We Mobil Macher have designed & developed the new online world. We opted for state-of-the-art AMP-based technology. AMP allows the store to load extremely quickly – which in return has a very positive effect on the user experience and search engine performance (SEO).

The LiKe online world has an almost magazine-like character which creates excitement of the product as soon as you visit the website. In terms of sentiment, the characteristic colors of the roastery alternate with the green tones of coffee plants and the warm hues of freshly roasted coffee. An attractive selection of images further increases the desire for coffee. In terms of content, we went for an exciting mix of product information and background information on coffee & the roastery itself. The new attractive product packaging is visualized at various points on the site and draws attention to the product in the right places. The roastery also stands for transparency – their responsibility & sustainability standards are reflected throughout the website in stand-alone sections.

Due to the growing number of sales outlets between Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Wolfenbüttel, Wolfsburg, Gifhorn, Peine, Helmstedt and Goslar, we have developed a “store finder” that makes it easy for website visitors to find the nearest sales outlets.

Online store for high quality coffee

Those who cannot or do not want to buy the delicious LiKe coffee in a store in the region can conveniently use the roastery’s new online store and have the coffee delivered to anywhere in Germany. Attention was paid to an attractive product presentation that describes the taste of the coffee varieties in an understandable and easily imaginable way. The selection of the packaging size and quantity, the “adding to the shopping cart” and the checkout process were realized with recognizable yellow buttons. PayPal, credit card and prepayment are available as payment options.

For the roastery, there are further options in the back-end that are not visible to the website visitor: when orders are received, employees are notified, orders can be easily processed and cancellations are also possible. In addition, the roastery can manage inventory directly via the online store.

Another interesting note about privacy & cookies: because we know what we are coding, the online store and the entire website comes without unnecessary cookies and an annoying consent popup. Furthermore, no data is transmitted to third party providers without being asked. That’s data protection as it should be.

Impressive UI/UX design

Already in the conception and design process – and later in the programming – we made sure that the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) go hand in hand. The goal was to make the site visitor’s stay on the page as pleasant and interesting as possible and to guide them to what they came for: informational content, the nearest point of sale or a product from the online store. The design of the page with the characteristic brand elements of the roastery, a clean and understandable structure and distinctive action buttons make the website & web store intuitively usable. It goes without saying that this applies to every device that the visitor uses – smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.

We would like to thank LiKe-Rösterei for the great cooperation and have since accompanied them with our maintenance services and further developments.