We offer specialized solutions for startups and established business across all industry sectors.

We are Mobil Macher.

Digital Business Model Development

Your startup or established company is looking for lean ways to test and develop a digital business model? We focus on financial feasibility while combining your goals with our technical & commercial know-how and put it all together in a concept that will help you to convince investors and decision makers. It forms the perfect starting point for building a prototype / most valiable product (MVP) so that you can test your market before committing too many resources. No matter how early the stage of your planning is, let’s have a chat and make it happen.

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Prototypes for Startups and Businesses

It isn’t always wise to plan down to every detail before launching a new digital product. With a prototype and minimal viable product (MVP) you get priceless insights on what your user’s think. You can test your assumptions and make adjustments before committing too many resources. A prototype and MVP can help you to convince investors and decision makers and it can greatly reduce subsequent costs and time-to-market.

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Ready-To-Use App Development Kit

Have you thought about an own app for your business, club or organization? With a variety of features available through just a few clicks our app development kit for iOS and Android lets you deliver a fully equipped app to your clients or employees much faster than when developing it from scratch. You only pay a monthly subscription, no setup costs. Contact us to learn more about our SmartBusiness-App development kit.

Sport Apps: New Opportunities for Clubs

Provide your fans with a digital bonding tool. Open up a modern channel of communication while also benefiting from a new source of ad revenues. Unleash your digital potential with our Sport Apps, suitable for clubs of all sizes, professional and local.

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Websites for small and medium-sized businesses

We are specialized in building websites for SMBs. An appealing web presence is key for gaining new customers and our search engine optimizations ensure that people can find you on the internet.