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Nordzucker AG

A future-oriented corporate website for one of the world's leading sugar producers

Nordzucker AG, headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, is an impressive company: since 1838 Nordzucker has been producing sugar from sugar beet – locally, under highest standards and in close collaboration with its beet growers. In recent years, the Nordzucker Group experienced an ongoing expansion and became a leading producer in Scandinavia, Eastern-Europe and Australia. Nordzucker’s slogan ‘THE Sugar Company’ brings straight to the point what that is all about.

Sustainability, Nordzucker as employer, transparency along the value chain and product information are the most relevant topics among today’s generations. The website guides its visitors through these topics. In addition, it addresses the special information needs of Nordzucker’s shareholders and business partners.

We ‘Mobil Macher’ were hired do develop the all-new Nordzucker website. Next to programming, this also comprised the development of a concept & strategy. Together with the designers of MioMio we took all requirements into consideration and shaped the ‘BIG PICTURE concept’ which shows the company as a self-confident but friendly and open global player. Powerful images along with high-contrast colors build landmarks to the user’s eye and support content comprehension. The new Norducker Group website, which is available in English and German, combines content from numerous former regional websites in an elegant way, without losing focus on the needs of its target groups.

Unique icons are another highlight of the new Nordzucker web presence: main content sections and ‘toolbox’ elements have customized multi-colored icons to support users’ orientation. ‘Fact boxes’ and related articles arouse curiosity about the world of Nordzucker.

The new Nordzucker Group website is a real flagship. In contrast to other corporate websites with bureaucratic and rigid structures, the magazine-like style of the Nordzucker website comes along in a fresh and dynamic look. It is a great example of how a global corporation can take advantage of today’s digital and technical opportunities. The website impacts the view of potential applicants on Nordzucker. With its modern digital representation they will perceive the company as an attractive employer.

Usability was another important development aspect: the website makes it easy for the users to access essential information no matter if they use a smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC. Ultra-sharp font types simplify reading and an attractive menu navigates the user to all website levels. A download section, a comprehensive contact person database as well as an extensive news section are other special features of the site. Last but not least, the digital magazine ‘Nordzucker Post’ is also part of the new online platform.

With a lean codebase and state-of-the-art frameworks, our developers achieved a blazingly fast website performance. This does not only enhance the user’s website experience, it also influences search engine scores in a positive way. We enabled the Nordzucker Group to have a sustainable and future-proof digital presence. The website offers a lot of flexibility to meet future requirements of both, the company and its stakeholders.

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