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Lilian Labs GmbH

A revolutionary technology to ensure water quality

The Lilian Labs GmbH is a company that revolutionizes today’s water analysis: The LILIAN hand-held device can be used to test the water quality in swimming pools, pools and SPAs within seconds. With a push of a button, the device measures the levels of water substances, such as pH, chlorine and bromine.

And this is where we come into play: to display, store, monitor and analyze all measurements we developer the LILIAN App and the LILIAN Manager. The LILIAN device sends the measurement data via Bluetooth to the LILIAN App. The app displays the measurement results and sends them to the LILIAN Manager – a modern water monitoring tool. If previously defined limits are exceeded, the responsible people are informed directly by push or email notification so that they can fix the problem immediately. The entire LILIAN system is suitable for individual swimming pools as well as large companies and utilities.

In addition to the immense time savings in measurements, which compared to previous measurement methods is up to 90 percent, the LILIAN system has other revolutionary advantages: it is a contemporary and transparent water management system. Employees no longer need to get in contact with chemicals. Every measurement is automatically linked to the measuring employee, which reduces the risk of tampering to 0. Uploading all measurements directly into the cloud and presenting them in a graphical interface allows Lilian Lab’s clients to adapt to changes as they occur and control the usage of chlorine and other substances more efficiently.

We have been the digital partners of the Lilian Labs team since the early development phase of the LILIAN system. In addition to the LILIAN App and the LILIAN Manager, we have also equipped the company with a website that illustrates the advantages of their revolutionary product.

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